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Riley Anne

United States Age Debut: 21


Member Rating based on 225 ratings

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Members Comments (13)


salander 1 month ago

Dear Santa,

I know what I want...


Barnie 6 months ago

Stunningly gorgeous 10 out of 10


BOSS 7 months ago

She is perfect 10*


iloveinternetgirls 7 months ago

blonde bomb shell


MetxLover 8 months ago

I'm a long standing fan of the Metart network. I was a member when it was called Most Erotic Teens Art (or something to that effect) nearly 20 years ago when Galitsin was involved. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have shed their clothes in front of the Metart cameras.

MetartX continues to provide us with some extraordinary beauties whom not only have shed their clothes but have graced us with more explicit content without having to see any males. All chicks and no dicks! As a male I don't need to see cock -- just lovely pussy! For that I'm grateful. But, PLEASE, I've got one criticism that annoys me to no end. I enjoy long lingering shots of the models without too much camera movement. I love video over pictorials, but when the camera finds that special pose don't change it before our eyes have a chance to focus on it. Don't be afraid to just let the camera lovingly observe the model's entire body or a terrific spread shot for an extended amount of time. 20 or 30 seconds is NOT too much to ask is it? Let the model do her thing and let the audience be captivated by her activity rather than be frustrated when that perfect shot is ruined by yet another ill-timed zoom, pan, close-up or flyby. After the model has settle down and is doing her 'thing' resist moving the camera around so much!


Rose 8 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, Monkeypaw. We really appreciate it when members take the time to give constructive criticism!


Starfire 8 months ago

Beautiful Riley Anne.
Love her talent.
Please return as often as you can.


Alexi 9 months ago

Please more of Riley!!!


ChuckBigBalls 11 months ago

Charles Lightfoot is best !!!!!!


MetxLover 8 months ago

Actually, he sucks! Sure, he has an eye for beauty and has the technical skills but he's way too artsy fartsy! He moves the camera too much. Use a tripod, it's your friend, Charles!

Yes, it's a movie but you don't have to move the camera every 5 seconds, the viewer cannot concentrate on what he/she finds exciting.

It's the same old tired format: Lets' show off the décor and shoot the model from every angle conceivable and cram as many angles as quickly as possible in the 7 or 8 minutes allotted.

Riley Anne is very beautiful and deserves better than an overrated hack. When he finds the perfect angle, a lovely spread shot that present the entire body for instance, his over caffienated brain won't allow him the presence of mind to linger for more than 5 seconds before he zooms in or out seeking another insurrerable short view. I get motion sickness from all the camera work!!!


5555 11 months ago

Fan bloody tastic, she is adorable, well shot (in a nice way) too.


ChuckBigBalls 11 months ago

She is my love !


gemini 1 year ago

Instant love. 11 out of 10 beautiful.

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