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Lexie Fox

United States Age Debut: 20


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Films with Lexie Fox

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Evening Star 1 month ago

Happy to see Lexie is returning in a film.
Request more.


JOHANNES BLT 2 months agoLifetime member

I agree with the rest of the panel here: devoted fan, natural beauty... second all that!

Anyone who has read more than one of my comments knows that eyes are my first passion; it all starts there. And, Boy-Oh-Boy do you have "those" eyes, Lexie! Then there's smooth, soft skin... great ass and a killer bod. I'm going to add a beautiful and loving personality (a hope).

Finally, I give credit to your artistic director Charles Lightfoot. Charles is a master at "sexy posing" models; he is also the only video director that consistently has his models maintain eye contact with the camera throughout the videos... Yay Charles! This is a make or break element for me; no eye contact, no download. Thank you Charles


Evening Star 5 months ago

As a devoted fan of Lexie Fox.
I must request more films and photo sets.
Incredible natural beauty. 10 x 1000.


EdPowersII 4 months ago

here, here! That she is an incredible natural beauty. !0 x 1000 here too.

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