Bright Sky Blend

June 10, 2019 - by: Kat

Erotic fiction inspired by Nedda A in “Morning Coffee With You 2

I tried a new blend of blonde roast, recommended by this handsome barista from a coffee shop in town. The place just opened within the month and all the women in my area crowd there for the great new flavors. They also go to ogle that handsome man with the chestnut eyes and beautiful arms. I’ve only seen him once, and that’s all it took for me to feel lovesick.

I don’t have the strength to go back. I want to! But I am so shy. I fear he may see right through me, and I will look foolish. Yet, I can’t get him off my mind. His handsome face appears in my head when I taste this blend. The color of his eyes matches the smooth hot liquid in my favorite cup. I use this one with the candy apple red weave. It feels nice, pressed to my lips.

Every day, I dress up in one of my cutest outfits, preparing to go back there. I even hold my phone to my ear and practice what I’d like to say. Then, as quickly as I get the courage to go, I change my mind.

I take another sip and let my senses swim in the warmth, hoping to put an end to my torture. Every taste is like a seductive kiss to my lips. And when I feel that, I can feel him. I'm so wet just thinking about what he'd do to me. I can’t control myself any longer!

I put the cup down and prop my leg up on the table. I lift my skirt and touch my little pink panties, drenched with pussy juice. I lean my head back and start rubbing my pussy over my panties. The soft fabric adds sweet friction to my clit. My skin warms with lust. I roll my hips slowly over my hand, chasing my pleasure.

I can’t quite reach my peak sitting up. The restriction keeps me teetering back and forth from climax. I get so hot, almost irritated. I yank off my dainty pink top to get more uncomfortable. Rolling down my panties, I sit up on the table, lying back with my eyes closed.  

I squeeze my soft breasts with one hand while the other reaches for my pussy again. I ease my fingers inside and moan delightedly. My pussy feels like liquid heat. All this stalling has wound me up to the point where my core is throbbing and leaking. I imagine the hot barista there, between my legs, thrusting his hard cock into me. I long to have his erection part my walls. I bet it's just as pretty as he is. I want those gorgeous arms around me, keeping me in place as he fucks me hard.

Oh, if I could have that cock from the back, too, that would be lovely. I bend over the table as I picture it. The idea of him gripping my hips and stuffing me to the hilt with his rigid cock has me going insane. I finger myself, moaning loudly. I delve so deep into my fantasy that I can almost smell him on me. I can almost feel his hard body pressed against my ass. His balls slapping my clit while he fucks my needy pussy.

My fingers flick hard and fast, stimulating my G-spot. I rock my hips back and forth. My pussy drips over my fingers and I can hear them make those squishy naughty sounds. Fuck, I’m so close!

I hold on tight to the table like I’m hanging on a ledge. My fingers fit inside me perfectly with my wrist pinned to the table. I thrust my hand, riding my fingers hard. I add a third, then a fourth, pressing my fingers together to form a thick shaft. I moan even louder, ending every breath with profanity, followed by a high squeal of lust. My orgasm is just at bay and I'll do anything to get it. I fuck my hand harder and harder until I reach my long-awaited climax with involuntary shudders of bliss.

I wait a while, letting my muscles relax before I ease my drenched fingers out. My body’s so wet, my skin squeaks over the wood like it's glass. I sit back in the chair and catch my breath, smiling at the damp imprint of my body I made on the table top. I trace my finger to the wet spot and inspect the gooey drops, then I taste it. My juices are so sweet and slippery, it's making my lust rise again.

I have all the time in the world to make myself cum repeatedly, right at home. But something inside me feels suddenly braver. It’s so silly to think I’m afraid of something that has not happened yet. What sense does that make? I think today will be the day I go see that handsome barista after all. At best, I get a pretty cock. At worst, I get a nice cup of bright sky blend to go.


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Mina's Masturbation Show

May 19, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Mina in "Lace For You"

Mina has no intention of getting dressed today. In her black lace panties and camisole, the fresh-faced, freckled cutie feels transformed into someone altogether more seductive – someone who can have a lover kneeling at her feet and begging to be allowed to please her.

The thought makes her smile, before she remembers a mistress should be stern. She composes herself, standing proud, tingles of arousal running up and down her silky thighs as she pictures her willing acolyte gazing up at her adoringly. But why stop at one? She could have as many dream lovers as she wants, all of them watching with silent devotion as she rewards them with a tantalizing glimpse of her beautiful body.

That makes her burst into giggles, but she can’t deny the stiffness of her nipples as she brushes her fingertips over them. The idea of being watched is just so exciting, making her cheeks flush with a strange blend of self-consciousness and exhilaration. She’s never done it for real, never even undressed and masturbated for a partner in private, let alone put on a show for a crowd; and she can feel her panties getting drenched as she pictures herself surrounded by shadowy figures, all staring at her with mute intensity.

She tugs the sodden lace away from her pussy. Sure enough, when she touches herself, she’s so wet her fingers skate along her slit, making a loud, sticky noise. She imagines she hears a collective gasp of approval from her admirers. She turns onto her knees to roll her panties down, putting on a blatant display for them, letting them see her juicy snatch opening up to swallow her fingers. They’re coated with her goo as she sinks them in up to the knuckle, scissoring them to tease out every drop of sensation.

As Mina rocks back to ride her fingers harder, she can already feel the first tremors of her orgasm shuddering through her. But she’s got all day set aside for pleasure, and she can hear the crowd clamoring for more…


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Rubbing Out the Tension

May 09, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Hayley Sanders in “Bad Day At Work 2

A bad day at work doesn’t have to mean your sour mood lingers on all evening. Hayley knows the perfect way to turn her tired frown upside down. Indulging in some sensual self-love is her favorite pastime, after all.

She flings herself onto the bed, tossing her glasses aside and allowing her pent-up frustration to boil up inside her. It’s a relief to kick off her high heels and unbutton her tight shirt; but as she unclips her bra and runs her hands over her beautiful breasts, she feels the first stirrings of something more… something like a warm rush, a tingle of excitement.

Her pussy is starting to throb with need, her panties clinging stickily as she peels them off. She’s on her knees, her most-favored position for sex – that fine ass is enough inspiration for any guy to put in his best performance, after all – and thinking about getting fucked from behind has her shivering with lust. She briefly considers making a booty call, but this horny urge won’t wait. Her fingers will do just fine.

She slides one into the slick, hot channel, feeling it sink in so smoothly. Her pussy clenches and clutches around it, muscles fluttering as she adds a second finger. As the pressure builds, she’s engulfed by a surge of pleasure so powerful she collapses onto her back, thighs trembling. Her fingers circle on her clit frantically, slipping over her pulsing flesh as they pump in and out, the wonderful tension and heat building by the second. And then her whole body stiffens and spasms and shudders as her orgasm explodes through her, sparking a series of aftershocks that seems to take forever to subside.

Bad day? Pretty wonderful, actually.


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Wild Ride

April 02, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Sabrisse A in “Hot In Boots

Sabrisse puts on her finest leather boots, but not for the rodeo. She has a wilder beast to tame. 

The heels in her thigh-high boots bring tension to her exposed thighs. Her white shirt hangs down over a pair of cheeky white panties. Her long auburn hair looks like it’s been combed by a gentle breeze. 

She peeks her eyes out through some wayward strands with a look of adventure. She’s ready for a wild ride.

A few loosened buttons and Sabrisse’s beautiful breasts are exposed. A navel piercing glows as she wanders the sun-soaked room. She sits her adorable ass down at the edge of a tub chair.

Sabrisse licks her fingers and finds her way beneath her underwear. Taking the reins, she rubs her excited nipples as the stroking begins.

Her heels pierce the edge of a low window sill as she pushes her slender body back against the chair. Balance is key on this ride.

Her shirt comes off as the solo rubdown intensifies. Her panties are tossed across the floor as her fingers move with vigor through her wet slit. 

What does she see with closed eyes? What sounds emerge from silence? 

An adoring crowd cheers her on. Will she make it? They clamor with suspense as she twitches forward in the chair. Can she hang on?

Her finishing touches to her delicate clit are masterful. Her mouth opens wide, gasping for air. She exhales in moans as her body shivers with pleasure. Her climax is worthy of a raucous celebration. 

Sabrisse’s hair looks wilder now. She buries her forehead in the leather of a boot pulled over her knee. This cowgirl looks ready for a nap.

The beast has succumbed.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

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Chase Me

March 20, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Elle Tan in “Country Fun

Elle runs from you, slipping away into the wheat field; but not too fast. She wants you to chase her, and you do, approaching slowly, curious to see what she has planned.

You find her gloriously naked, lying back in a clearing she’s trampled down, sunlight giving her a golden glow. She smiles that naughty smile you adore as she licks her fingers and then trails them down to her breasts, teasing her nipples until you see them stiffen to points.   

You hold your breath in anticipation as her hand slides down. She pauses, just for a moment, as her fingertips reach her smooth mound, her sexy tan lines drawing your eye to the pale triangle where her thighs meet. And then she parts them, and you can see the hot pink of her slit already glistening with moisture.

Her smile turns sultry as she rolls over, wiggling her ass at you temptingly. Then she rises up to her hands and knees, so you have the perfect view as one finger pushes into that tight slot. She draws it out again slowly, with a soft moan. Her eyes flutter closed as she licks her sweetness from her finger and then pushes it inside again, more forcefully this time. She’s usually so shy about masturbating in front of you, so to see her behaving so wantonly is incredibly arousing.

Her fingers find their rhythm, and as her moans grow louder and more breathless, you realize it’s no longer a performance for you; she’s immersed in her own pleasure, fucking herself for real, intent on the sensations her thrusting fingers are provoking. You keep silent, half believing she’s forgotten you’re there. You can see her body trembling, her hips rocking back to impale herself deeper, lips parted in a gasp of lust. But as she starts to orgasm, her eyes snap open, holding yours, sharing the intensity in the most intimate gaze, so it’s almost as if you’re experiencing it too.

And then she rolls on to her back, gasping and giggling and blushing, and beckons you closer with one wet finger…


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Spin Cycle

March 04, 2019 - by: Rose

Excerpt from a true confession on dedicated to Satin Stone in “Wash Day 2” 

“Damn, that ass! Are you trying to kill me?”

We’re cleaning up the morning after a wild night; I’m on my hands and knees with my head in the washing machine, checking for stray dog hair before I load it. I am absolutely not thinking about sex. I am thinking about laundry, deadlines, grocery shopping; except now I am thinking about sex, because I can feel his eyes on my ass. I guess my little shorts are pretty tight.

“Come on baby, shake that ass for me,” he says.

I laugh, wiggling my rear, hearing him groan. He’s an ass man, and I know he’s already picturing bending me over the washer and fucking me slow and steady from behind. And now I’m picturing it too and I can feel my shorts getting creamy where they’re snug against my pussy, the seam in the perfect spot to tease between my lips.

“I’m amazed you can even get it up after last night,” I say.

“That ass could wake the dead,” he says. “Hey, I have an idea…” He steps closer and I’m expecting to feel his big hands grab my ass cheeks; but instead he reaches past me to the laundry basket and stuffs the contents into the washer. “I’ve never fucked you over this bad boy, have I?” he grins. I watch him measure out detergent and fabric softener, concentrating despite the growing bulge tenting out his pants. He turns the machine on, and I bend over it obligingly, feeling the first rumbles as it fills with water and the drum begins to turn.

Now his hands do move to my ass, stroking and squeezing. He pushes up against me, his cock rigid, pressing between my cheeks. I can’t help squirming, needing the friction against my pussy, shorts clinging stickily. How the hell does he get me this horny, this quickly, every single time?

I can feel him laughing to himself as he rocks against me. I’d call it dry humping but the anticipation and the vibrations from the washer have me soaking wet. He slides my shorts down, peeling them away from my juiced up slit, kneeling, spreading my cheeks. I know he’s taking a good long look, admiring my tight asshole.

He makes me gasp by touching the wet tip of his tongue to my tight pucker, before running it down into the slick groove between my pussy lips. He grips my cheeks tighter to make my lips peel open for his tongue, and I shuffle my feet wider apart, granting him the most intimate access. His firm lapping at my clit works its magic, so when he wets up his fingers in my pussy and presses one against my asshole I relax and let him slide it in. The insistent probing of his finger causes delicious sensations that conspire with the ripples of pleasure created by his dancing tongue and the steady throb of the machine to drive me crazy.

My pussy is aching to be filled. I need his cock in me, now.

I only have to tell him, fuck me, and he’s on his feet, pants down, the head of his cock nudging against my soaked opening. He holds me in that desperate state of anticipation, my whole body vibrating with need – then thrusts into me. That blissful moment of penetration, his cock stretching me open, is perfection; better even than orgasm.

He pulls back and drives in again just to hear me moan, then again and again, the giddy rush of endorphins making me lightheaded. I’m soon pushing back to meet each stroke as he slams into me, his fingers gripping my hips, our flesh slapping, the rumbling vibration of the washer rising with our mingled cries.  

I don’t want to cum yet, I want to ride the waves of heat and spiralling tension that sweep through me each time his cock plunges in, keeping me in this suspended state of cock-drunk delirium; but he knows how to play my body like a virtuoso. He thrusts into me to the hilt and stays buried deep, grinding on my G-spot as he reaches around to rub my clit. In seconds my cunt is clutching and spasming around his shaft, my orgasm exploding through me.

He slides out slowly and carefully when I stop shaking, lets me sink to my knees to taste myself from his cock. I lose myself in licking long stripes up his shaft, my body slowly calming and shifting into that utterly engrossed, exultant state that suffuses me whenever I suck cock. Lips wrapped around it, I take it deeper and deeper, gradually increasing the pressure, relaxing my throat to engulf him. I pause at the base, inhaling his scent, lips tight around the thick root stretching my lips wide, tongue lapping the underside. His hand is around my ponytail, holding my head still as I let him set the rhythm and fuck my mouth; then pulling me off him with a groan as my sucking threatens to push him over the edge.

Now he lifts me to my feet, then picks me up and sets me down on top of the washer. The metal is shockingly cold against my bare ass. He squeezes his shaft with his fingers to make the rising pressure subside, and then thrusts back into me, roughly, grinning as the spin cycle suddenly kicks in. The tremors career through me, accelerating wildly until it feels like I’m sitting on a giant vibrator. It’s so intense all I can do is hang on as he power-fucks me. The machine kicks up another notch, shaking and bumping, each jolt catching me off-guard and sending a spike of sensation through me. We rise to a climax together, the washer and I; he plunges in deep and holds me tight, impaled on his cock, growling as he feels my cunt pulse erratically around him. He grips my ass with both hands, ramming in even deeper; and then he’s cumming too, tugging my hair and biting my neck, his cock jerking inside me, a hot gush filling me. We come down gradually, along with the washer, laughing at how crazy-intense it felt. We’ve had plenty of fierce and feverish sex, but nothing quite so powerfully mechanized.

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Watching Sybil Undress

February 18, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Sybil A in “Dress To Impress 2

Waiting for Sybil to get ready can take minutes or hours – and honestly, the longer the better, because she’ll always let you watch. First, she undresses; and no matter how many times you’ve seen those perfect breasts, the moment when her shirt falls open to reveal them is always breathtaking. Today she pretends not to hear your involuntary murmur of approval, sorting through her underwear drawer and choosing a white lace bra that enhances her divine cleavage and shows a hint of nipple. She slips her shorts off, bending forward teasingly so you catch a glimpse of her smooth, plump pussy lips as she pulls on the matching panties.

She’s not done making you wait yet, so she takes the sexy lingerie off and puts on a pretty turquoise set that makes her look good enough to eat. She picks out a dress; surely the show’s not over yet, not when she’s worked you up into a fever pitch of anticipation? But no, she’s turned herself on too, and now she looks right at you and gives you that naughty smile, the one that says she knows exactly what you want to see next.

The bra comes off and she strokes and squeezes those beautiful breasts. She’s too impatient for pleasure to keep teasing now and her panties rapidly follow, so her fingers can find their way straight to her clit, rubbing in rapid circles, making her gasp and arch her back. Is she so immersed in her own sensual enjoyment that she’s forgotten you’re watching? Oh, not at all; her searing hot gaze as she sits and spreads her thighs wide tells you how excited she is to feel your eyes on her.

Her fingers move faster, drawing out her orgasm until it explodes through her, so intense it makes her body shake like a leaf. She catches her breath slowly, smiling, a little shy now. She should really get dressed… but there’s still time to play, if you’d like to?


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Watching the Sexy Secretary’s Erotic Show

January 28, 2019 - by: Rose

Erotic fiction inspired by Lena Raz in “After Work

Lena looks so demure in her tight jacket and heels, her hair pinned up in a severe bun – but you know different. After a day spent exchanging dirty messages, her pussy is throbbing under that tight skirt, excitement moistening her panties.

She can’t even wait to get home; as soon as the working day is done, she makes straight for the spot on the stairs where she knows the security camera will find her. You’re the only one left at the security desk, and this private show is for you, and you alone.

Sliding her skirt up her thighs, flashing the lace stocking tops that she knows turn you on like crazy, she starts to tease, rubbing her hot pussy through her panties. You wonder if her fingers are getting wet. You wish it were you touching her like that. She’s too horny to draw out the tease though, and soon tugs the panties away from her sticky crotch, baring her shaved slit to the camera. You imagine you can see cream glistening between her lips as she gets on her knees, wriggling her beautiful ass, pushing her fingers inside. Yes, fuck yourself, just like that, you silently urge her on, loving the sexy way her slender body bucks and writhes under her own touch.

For a moment you think she’s forgotten you’re watching – she’s so lost in her own pleasure – but then she grabs her pen to give you a naughty show, twirling it around in the slippery entrance to her slit, dipping it deeper. Her back arches as her orgasm hits – the first of many tonight, if you know Lena – and although you can’t hear her gasps and moans you can imagine them.

Looking up at the camera, she blows you a kiss as she straightens her clothes. And then she’s gone; but she’ll be waiting for you in your usual spot…


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Delicate Strokes

January 06, 2019 - by: Junkman

Erotic fiction inspired by Lucretia K in “Hard to Paint When You’re Bored 2

When Lucretia paints, she likes to wear clothes she can move in. The skirt came from the bottom of her dresser drawer. Salmon pink with a lace overlay embedded with pearl beads, it’s too fancy for painting, but so short it doesn’t restrict her long legs. When she leans over for a closer inspection of her work, the details she reveals underneath give me the tingles. She looks like a fairy painting herself a forest of flowers to call home.

“A fairy, huh,” she says. “Is that a good thing?”

“It’s a magical thing,” I say.

The sun brings out the gold in her light brown hair. A flowery tank top exposes her shoulders, which she smudges with paint from soft touches. The breeze carries the smell of solvents and sends her dress fleeing up her thighs.

She paints with vibrant colors yet still seems uninspired. She’s distracted by the thought of a stroke of a different sort.

“Come, watch me inside,” she says.

Art is a reflection of the artist. Lucretia’s body is the canvas. Her hand is the brush. She’s ready to paint in magical colors.

Her hands clutch her breasts. She reaches down under her skirt—the artist always has to touch and retouch—and wiggles her fingers over the soft spot in her underwear. Her shirt comes off. Her breasts look slightly embellished by her maker for her petite frame.

Lucretia leans back into the corner, floating on her tippy toes as she displaces her lacy panties with four fingers rubbed wet. Her sexy panties look best when they are pulled down around her knees. She bends over, slipping her fingers back and forth. Several disappear inside her and she can’t stop until she needs to take a seat. She continues to thrust her fingers in and out before returning to her clit.

She touches herself like she paints the pistil of a lily. There is precision. It’s all in her fingertips. She strokes her love petals delicately until they burst with life.

A leg dangles over the arm of the chair. Her toes curl and her language is distilled into a mysterious melody. She moans in a rising pitch. Her breathing shortens. Those brown eyes lull me into a sense of stillness.

Paint me a finer picture and I will reveal the secret place where fairies dream.


About the author: The Junkman is a contributing writer for the MetArt Network, blending his twin passions for erotic storytelling and high-class porn. He shares a range of musings at

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How Lena likes it...

December 10, 2018 - by: Michael

Erotic fiction inspired by Lena Anderson in “Couldn’t Resist

Nobody can resist Lena… not even Lena herself. Even when she’s trying to act casual, chatting to you, scrolling through her phone, she’s given away by those stiff nipples poking through her top, making their presence felt. Lena’s down to fuck, no doubt about it… and she has a very special way of making sure you are, too.

Just watch her as she tugs her top down so those perfectly pert breasts bounce into view. That got your attention, didn’t it? Her nipples are so hard, she must have been thinking about this for ages. So were you, admit it! But it still takes your breath away when she turns onto her knees and flips up her little plaid skirt to show off her incredible ass, cheeks so smooth and firm and round. Her peach lace panties nestle between them, just about covering her pussy.

She checks to make sure you’re watching – of course you’re watching! – as she takes off her top and shimmies out of her skirt, only her panties hiding her nakedness. And then… ohhhhh…. then she slides her hand inside those snug panties, so you can see her fingers moving as she touches herself.

She doesn’t tease you like that for too long before succumbing to her own need to see her desire reflected in your eyes. She peels the panties off and lies back with her legs spread, using both hands to open her pussy up and rub the silky-smooth slit, fingers dancing on her clit. Her whole pussy flushes bright pink almost immediately, she’s so turned on. Has she forgotten you’re watching, so immersed in her private pleasure? No; she looks right at you, her naughty smile turning into a gasp as she pushes a finger between her tight folds. It plunges in up to the knuckle, faster, harder, her hips rocking to ride the sensation as her pleasure builds.

And suddenly she stops, tasting her sweetness from her fingers, looking at you again with a shy little laugh. And you understand; she didn’t do it to tease you, or because she couldn’t resist. She did it to show you how she likes it, and now it’s your turn…


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