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The Art of Sex

September 17, 2018 - by: Marie

Erotic Fiction inspired by Adel C in “Sweet Home 2

Sometimes it’s impossible to ignore the demands of your body, don’t you think? Though I try so hard to be a good girl, to favor intellectual pursuits over carnal pleasures, there are times when I just can’t ignore my own physical needs.

It’s funny how these desires come to me at the most unlikely times…

Only this morning I was sitting in my rocking chair, studying a heavy, hardback book on contemporary art, when a wave of carnality hit me. I tried to ignore it – this was not the time to be giving in to my body’s requests, I reasoned. My mind needed nourishment.

But my mind was having none of it. My mind presented some ideas of its own. Ideas in which studly men with erect cocks stood in front of me, like exhibits in a gallery, in various poses, each one offering a different sexual pleasure.

My mind had taken control and suddenly there I was, unbuttoning my shirt and toying with my nipples as the fantasy in my head played out. I was in a white walled gallery, alone but for the exhibits, my high heels clicking on the wooden floor. I was dressed as I was in reality, in a dark blouse and frilly pink panties.

In my fantasy, I was wearing headphones and listening to the commentary on the art in the room. Except it wasn’t art, and it wasn’t a commentary, it was like an audio menu that listed each stud in the room, told me their first name and what they could do for me.

Michael, for instance, was on his knees, hands out in front of him, bent forward just a little, his hard cock poised. “Michael will take you from behind,” the commentary said. “Get down on the floor in front of him on your hands and knees, then move backward until you can feel his penis against your vagina and he will begin.”

I put my book down on the floor and let my mind walk me around the room, introducing me to all the men in there as the commentary explained what sexual delights they provided.

My hand had wound its way into my panties and I was stroking my slit softly, eyes closed, feasting on the fantasy; my pussy getting wetter with every passing second.

In my head, I’d reached Trent. He was slender, youthful and cute, sitting cross-legged and hunched over, with his arms up and his face forward, head tilted and mouth open. “Take a seat in front of Trent,” the commentary said, “and he will eat your pussy for as long as you like.”

That was where I stopped, sitting and spreading my legs, just like I was at home. Instantly, I imagined Trent began to lap at my hole, his tongue probing my folds, flickering over my clit, dipping inside me. In reality my fingers were caressing my pussy and I was so wet, my juices spreading as my fingers roamed up and down my slit. I circled my clit, rubbing my cream over it, feeling it swell. It throbbed at the touch, responding to my waking dream, twitching as I imagined Trent’s tongue pressing up against it.

Then I moved off in my mind to another exhibit. Emilio was on his back, his rock-hard cock pointing straight up. “Turn your back on Emilio and sit down on his shaft. Ride him for all he’s worth,” the commentator said, and I did exactly as I was told. Now I was fingering my pussy so hard, two fingers deep inside me, imagining it was Emilio’s cock stretching me wide and plunging deep inside me.

I moved quickly to another cock, this one belonging to James, who was burly and muscular, kneeling with his knees wide apart so that his cock was close to the ground. I had lost the headphones now, but I knew what to do with James. I lay down on my side – both in reality and in my fantasy – and slid one leg beneath his balls, felt them dragging up the inside of my thigh as I moved into position. I raised one knee when his dick was nudging my ass and imagined him springing to life, entering me while I lay on my side like this, pounding into me to a steady rhythm. I enhanced the sexual fantasy with my own hand as I masturbated, slapping my palm against me as if it were James’s balls.

Time for Michael. I was on my knees, one hand reaching around my ass, fucking myself with my fingers. In my fantasy it was Michael drilling into me from behind, his hands on my hips, his sweat dripping from his chin and onto my asshole.

My excitement was increasing, in my head and in my home, feeling my orgasm building fast. As I came around my driving fingers, I fantasized that every exhibit in the room came too, surrounding me and jerking off over me, their cum coating my skin, spraying over my breasts, my face, my pussy and my ass.

It took some time for me to get up from the floor, and I just couldn’t find the will to return to my book then. I went out instead – to an art gallery.

“If I see any of those studs,” I thought as I walked through the door, “I’m going to fuck them right then and there and call it the greatest piece of art in the world!”

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


Watching her fun

September 10, 2018 - by: Peter

Erotic Fiction inspired by Gracie in “Wild and Rough

I’d been at my folks’ country retreat for a week; recuperating they called it, I called it stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken leg and nothing to do. Sure, the views were beautiful but there’s only so much looking a guy can do, right?

The one thing that broke the monotony of each day was catching a glimpse of the hot babe from the next homestead. Slim, sassy and tanned, I had no idea who she was but my imagination ran wild about her for days on end. She was a typical country girl, into riding, fresh air, good eating, and wild as they come – I’d settled on this image of her after days of fantasizing, anyway.

She walked by my place pretty much every day. I didn’t know where she was going, but she always came back around the same time in the afternoon. It had become a routine for me to watch her go by through the window in the morning, and then be out on the porch in the afternoon to catch sight of her on her way back. We’d reached a point where she would smile and wave at me and I would do the same. If I wasn’t stuck in a cast I would have made my move, but in this state the best I could do was smile and wave, smile and wave.

And then a couple of days before I was due to go home and get the cast off, she blew my mind. I was sitting in my usual spot on the porch, leg out in front of me, sipping on a cold one, watching her come up the hill through the trees and the parched grasses. She was looking sexy as ever in a simple shirt and denim shorts, and I let my mind wander once more, thinking about all the things I would love to do with her.

By the time she looked up at me, I had a sizable boner in my pants. I waved down at her and she stopped and put her hands on her hips, gazing up at me and smiling. It seemed like she was trying to decide on something, and then her eyes lit up as if she’d made her decision.

She started to move around, swaying her hips, playing with her shirt, still looking up at me, still smiling. I couldn’t believe it. Was this hot cutie really about to do what I thought she was about to do?

She froze for a moment with her shirt lifted up just beneath her titties and stared right at me, serious. Then she tied her shirt up over her belly and leaned back against a tree. Her hands moved to her breasts and she grabbed them and gave them a squeeze.

My boner was as hard as my cast right then. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I thought stuff like this was straight up fantasy. But now I was looking down the grassy hill watching this stunning babe getting down under a clear blue sky, and it was all for me. Was she going to come up the hill and fuck me? I couldn’t move from my seat even if I wanted to…

She started swaying like she was dancing in a club, grinding her hips. It was so damned sexy. In all the weeks that I had been stuck in this cast I had never wanted to be out of it so badly. Then she stood up straight, raised her hands to her shirt and looked right at me again. Her fingers pulled her shirt up higher until I was staring at her naked titties, so perky and tanned.

She smiled again and blew me a kiss, then turned around and wiggled her ass. She tugged her shorts in tight between her cheeks and leaned up against the tree, bent over. Man, if I had been down there, I would have been grabbing that ass and pulling those shorts down to press my dick up against her pussy; but all I could do was watch.

Facing me again, she leaned back against her tree and unzipped her shorts, pushing her hand inside. I watched her fumble around, obviously playing with her pussy, fervently wishing it was my hand in there, my fingers gliding through her juicy folds, feeling her pussy getting wet.

She had her head down and her eyes closed, lost in sensation, but then she opened them and looked up at me and tugged her shorts aside. I could see her pussy! It was shaved except for a tuft of pubic hair above her clit.

I watched dumbstruck as she ran a finger over her slit, traced it up to her clit and rubbed herself gently. I watched intently, not wanting to miss a single detail from this distance, as she crooked a finger and pushed it right inside her pussy.

I was transfixed as she pulled off her shirt and shorts, smiling at me the whole time, obviously enjoying the look of disbelief on my face. She was so gorgeous, tan lines making her beautiful breasts and pussy stand out as if highlighted, hair blowing around in the gentle breeze. 

Slowly, she turned around for me, leaned into the tree and bent over, one hand on her ass cheek, pulling herself open. Her fingers crawled over her ass and made for her pussy, finding her lips and peeling them apart. Damn, I could see the inner pink so clearly now, glistening wet. If I’d been able to move I’d have vaulted over the porch and rolled down the hill to her feet, broken leg or not.

She sat down and leaned back against the base of the tree, looking up at me, with her knees apart and her hand stroking her pussy. I didn’t know what to do. Should I take out my cock and start to jerk off, or was I just meant to sit and watch?

I didn’t want to scare her off so I just sat there and enjoyed the show. She was teasing her pussy, fingertips tracing her slit, stroking her clit, flicking it softly as she watched me, brushing the hair from her face. She must has known she was driving me wild, because she would stroke her fingers down over her plump lips and dip them inside, just for a moment, then pull them out and stroke the wetness all over her clit again. Her head would tip backwards and her mouth would drop open every time she did it, and I so badly wanted to pull out my cock and jerk off.

She stood up and used both hands to hold her pussy open, one finger rubbing up and down her slit, getting it wet. Then she thrust her finger deeper, rocking her hips like she was riding it, and I saw her shudder with an orgasm, but just a small one, like the first of a whole chain of climaxes. My cock would give her a much bigger orgasm than that, I was thinking, imagining that sweet, hot, tight slit wrapped around my boner.

And then just as fast as it had started, it was over. She looked up at me, sucked her juice off her finger, and then got dressed rapidly, giggling. I wanted to yell down at her to wait, but I just couldn’t make a sound, even as she gave me one last wave and skipped away through the grass. I watched until she was out of sight, then pulled out my cock and beat off, replaying the whole thing in my mind.

She didn’t come by again before I left, but now I’ve had the cast removed I’m hoping that if I ever see her again, I’ll be invited to play a much more active role…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


MetArt X movie of the month: August 2018

August 31, 2018 - by: Rose

August 2018 began as it meant to go on here at MetArt X – hella sexy! Whatever your preference, be it sweet blondes, stunning redheads or sultry brunettes, it seems like there was a dream girl perfectly designed by nature to blow your mind.

Big-boobed blonde Aislin, for example, turned bath time into an erotic exploration of sexual ecstasy in a tub filled with glitter and water, in "Dont Blame Me." Then there was irresistibly cute Lexie Fox with the come to bed blue eyes, her stiff nipples alone making “Red Impulse” compelling viewing. Redhead Adel C looked so damned fiery and fuckable in her spectacles in “Sweet Home 2,” and don’t even get me started on Alice Shea in “Selfie” – this girl certainly makes passes at girls who wear glasses! And that’s to take nothing away from flexible gymnast Mirabella in “Curvy,” or seductive Sybil A in her see-through white lingerie in “Boujee,” both of whom deserved to be watched on repeat. But, as ever, I’ve chosen my personal – and entirely subjective – top three, for no other reason than that thinking about it is a whole lot of fun…

Gorgeous American blonde Ivy Wolfe has a pretty face and a sensational ass, and in Charles Lightfoot’s “Innuendo” you can tell she’s enjoying every second of her sexy display. She looks amazing in her skimpy lace dress, and even more amazing bending over the bed in just her panties. Her dark nipples are so erect they could cut glass, the way she moves her body is mesmerizing, and when she strokes herself to orgasm it’s utterly delicious to watch.

Don Caravaggio’s “Just Me” is delightfully simple, focusing all your attention on lovely brunette Sabrisse A. She doesn’t waste any time before licking her fingers and teasing her nipples stiff, then plunging her hand into her panties to rub herself. She’s not only a beautiful girl, she’s also very overtly sexual and uninhibited, pleasuring her perfect body with great intensity. Her neat little trimmed bush is very cute too.

But my absolute favorite this month is Kay J in Alex Lynn’s “Prepare To Night 2.” It’s the first time we’ve seen the spellbinding brunette in a movie here, and it was well worth the wait. Kay has such a sweet and adorable look but she suddenly appears so much more mature and womanly, all dressed up and ready to party. What a tempting sight those luscious curves are. When she turns around and opens her dress to masturbate, it feels like you’re actually there with her, waiting for her to get ready and then deciding that she can take all the time in the world if it means you can watch her play with her pussy!

So that’s my top three; what was your favorite MetArt X movie of August 2018?


Her sexy home movie

August 28, 2018 - by: Michael

Erotic fiction inspired by Riley Anne in “Cheer Moves

My girl Riley Anne knows how to treat me right. She knows that when I’m away following my football team I’ll still be thinking about her. And she knows the best way to my heart is through my cock.

If I’m away for a day or two, she’ll make sure to send me off in the morning with a blowjob or something equally ball draining, but last week she wasn’t going to be around the morning I left and I shut the door on our home that day with my balls hanging heavy.

Then I got a message from her about two hours into my journey.

 I made a film for you baby, so you don’t forget me xxx

There was an attachment, a video. A big one, too, because my cellphone refused to download it quickly. I had to wait until I got to my hotel room before I could get some decent wi-fi and check it out, and I’m glad I did.

I flicked it on and there she was, my Riley Anne, dressed as a cheerleader and looking so damned sexy I got hard straight away. Good job I’d brought my special cable as I was able to plug my phone into the TV and watch the homemade movie on the big screen.

She had her blonde hair tied in two pigtails over her shoulders, a pair of white sneakers and some cute little white socks on. Then there was the red and white sleeveless cheerleading top and the instant hard-on making pleated red skirt with the white trim that only reached halfway down her thighs.

She’d set the camera up on our porch back home and I watched as she walked out of our house and smiled that smile she wears whenever she’s horny. Leaning against the wall, she lifted her skirt to show me her pristine white cotton panties, turning this way and that. I felt like I was back in college getting treated to my first blowjob, it was that fucking sexy.

Riley didn’t waste time. Off came her top in an instant and then with one more sweet and sexy smile, she turned around, bent over the bench and lifted her skirt. With her feet apart, I could see her panties, the way they cut between her ass cheeks and were pressed tight up against her asshole and pussy.

I should have been on my way to the game by then, but Riley’s video had captured my attention. I sat on the hotel bed and took my cock in my hand as I watched her roll those cotton panties down her thighs, revealing her pussy neatly trimmed, shaved around her slit but with a little blonde fuzz above her clit.

That perfect ass of hers was mesmerizing up on the screen, so sexy and round, with a puckered asshole and a pink slit that I have always loved to suck on, especially from behind. She hadn’t said a word, she’d just used her sexy smile and her big doe eyes to drive me wild for her – I was actually thinking about going straight home to fuck her at that point!

Riley lay back on the bench, then she opened her legs and looked up at the camera, her fingers stroking her beautiful body. She ran them over her titties and tweaked her nipples, looked up again and sent them down to her pubic hair, combing through it, the tips of her fingers nudging her clit.

I could have sworn I heard her moan just a little, then she got up on her knees on the bench and bent over the back of it. Man, what a shot! Her hand snaked between her thighs and she started rubbing at her pussy, two fingers sliding between her lips, slipping over her hole. I could see her getting wet, could feel my cock getting harder and harder, and I started matching my speed to hers.

She sat back down and looked right at me with her legs wide open, two fingers winding her clit around and around. It was getting too much for her. She looked like she was beyond the teasing me stage and right into the getting herself off stage as she lay back on the bench and lifted one foot up, resting it so that she was wide open and free to masturbate hard.

I watched her make her clit sing as she squeezed her tit with her free hand, the camera capturing it all. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open – the same mouth that had sucked hungrily on my cock many a time, the same mouth that she had jerked me off into less than a week ago.

I could hear she was close to orgasm, she was making those same little sharp intakes of breath she always does, and I was close to it myself. I held off just long enough to watch her finish, but the moment she looked up at me and smiled was the moment I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot my load right across the hotel room floor. I sat there, breathing hard as I watched her walk up to the camera and bend over to blow me a kiss, then the screen went blank and I came to my senses.

I missed the first ten minutes of the game, but I think it was worth it. It was definitely worth coming home early to find her waiting for me in exactly the same costume…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


If you’re a fan of beautiful redheads, you’re sure to be devoted to gorgeous Adel C, a cute Latvian babe with a pretty, freckled face, a sensational body – check out that amazing ass! – and long, naturally curly red hair. The stunning sweetheart is a big star on our sister site Viv Thomas, where she drives us all wild in her hot girl-girl movies, so it’s delightful to see her taking center stage here at MetArt X.

After a hiatus of several months, Adel made a sensational return last week in Vicente Silva’s “Sweet Home 2.” She looks studious at first in her glasses, but soon casts them aside, opening her shirt to reveal her perfect breasts. Her hand slides into her panties, then tugs them aside as she begins to pleasure herself with great intensity… a delicious sight.

“My favorite part of my body is my hair,” the sexy 23-year-old revealed in a video interview for Viv Thomas. “I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do sometimes watch my own movies. I enjoy looking at the models. I think it’s more like art, not just the naked body. I really enjoy what I do.”

Asked about her personality, she continues, “I am romantic. I think I’m funny, but I’m shy when I meet people for the first time. Maybe I’m a little bit introverted. But I can be dominant too...”

And if you want to know what turns her on: “I like smart guys, I think that’s most important. That’s the kind of girls I like too. The most bizarre place I had sex was at midnight on the beach where there were no people. But I don’t know if I have any sexual fantasy left, because every time I make a movie with girls I do something new!”

No doubt we all have plenty of fantasies left for Adel to fulfil, though…



Dressing for pleasure

August 13, 2018 - by: Jilian

Erotic fiction inspired by Lucretia K in “White or Black 2

Life is full of choices. Tough choices and simple ones. Clear cut and difficult. And then there are those which end up with the same outcome no matter what.

Like when I have to choose between one outfit and another. I stand in front of my mirror and I try first the white one on, and then the black, but each of them looks good. And while I look at them in the mirror, I am looking at myself too.

And when I’m looking at myself in the mirror, I just have to touch myself, touch my clothes. They feel good. I feel good. And when I feel good, I feel good, if you know what I mean.

I like how some of my clothes feel against my skin, the way they stroke and tease my nipples; lace has that stimulating effect on me. I like to look at my pussy when I’m wearing see-through clothes. I like to fantasize about what my man would think if he could see me.

Would he step right up to me? Would he take me in his arms and kiss me? Would I feel his cock growing hard against my stomach? Or would he walk over and put his hand up against my slit?

While I look at my body in the mirror, I begin to stroke my pussy through my clothes, my fantasy expanding. It’s his hand that touches me, his hand that rubs the thin material of my dress over my clit, that makes me tingle.

And then the decision about which dress I should wear has been forgotten because, as always, I have taken everything off and taken to my bed to play with my pussy.

I grow wet as I slide my finger between my lips, my mind filled with lust. My fingers spread my juices over my lips, up to my clit, which is starting to throb. It swells beneath my touch, and I feel it pulsing.

I imagine my man bending me over, lifting my dress, rubbing my pussy from behind. I sense him kneeling behind me to kiss and lick me from my pussy to my ass, his tongue spreading my lips open, pushing inside my hole.

I slide two fingers inside my pussy, thrusting them in and out, moving them to my clit to grind on it harder and harder, licking the fingers of my other hand to rub them over my nipples. I imagine it is his saliva on my nipples, making them stiff as he sucks them greedily into his mouth.

In my mind, my fingers are his cock, hot and hard, pressed to my clit, searching for my hole as his attention is on my breasts.

I see myself reaching down for his prick, jerking him over my clit, rubbing his cockhead against me then guiding him inside. In my mind’s eye it is not my two fingers that are sinking deep inside my tight hole, but his cock.

By now I am so turned on that I am lost in the pleasurable sensations, too needy for my climax to fantasize any more. I press my palm up against my clit as I fuck my tight pussy with two fingers, faster and harder. I want to cum, need to cum, all there is in my world right now is my desire for orgasm.

I pinch my nipple, slip my fingers from my hole and drive them over my clit, faster, harder. I open my legs as wide as I can, my body demands this from me, it wants me to open myself up to the pleasure. It wants me to finger my hole again. I sense my body demanding that I fuck myself and I obey its commands.

Then I cum, with my fingers deep inside me, knuckles around the rim, palm on my clit, my body spasming as my orgasm shakes me. I tense every muscle and let it burst out of me until I am spent, sitting on my sheets, my juices staining them, my clothes piled in a mess all around me.

Sated, I look at the mess in a daze, wondering what to wear…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


Watching her touch herself

August 06, 2018 - by: Peter

Erotic Fiction inspired by Melody Wylde in “Hidden Lust

For the past few weeks, since a gorgeous Latina babe replaced his previous cleaner, I’ve been watching my neighbor’s house. From the first moment I saw this beautiful brunette out on the balcony, I’ve been hooked. My neighbor’s a self-important jerk and he probably didn’t even notice how attractive she was, but I certainly did. 

He was out there with her, giving her instructions on how to clean his house while holding a phone conversation at the same time, and I was looking over at them from my own balcony, just stunned by how hot she was. She had the face of an angel, with caramel skin and dark eyes, and an amazing slender figure – how could I help but stare?

She caught me gazing at her with my mouth wide open, a slice of toast frozen on its way from plate to mouth, and she gave me a sexy smile that told me she knew exactly what I was thinking. Then they both went back inside and I was left dazed.

I was out there every day after that, hoping to see her again, until I figured out which days she worked. And after a while I noticed that she would always find a reason to come out onto the balcony. She’d pretend not to know I was watching, but as she did her chores she’d bend and stretch so her short skirt would ride up even higher, giving me a flash of thigh and even panty crotch on a couple of occasions. 

But this morning, she went from being a tease to totally blowing my mind. She came out onto the balcony with a pile of ironing and got to work on it. It was weird but I figured maybe the AC was broken. Anyway I wasn’t complaining; I was just sitting on my own balcony enjoying every moment I got to look at her. 

She glanced up and played at being surprised to see me. A smile blossomed on her face and she did something that made me sit up straight, eyes on stalks. She wriggled her ass at me with a giggle, blew me a kiss… then inched her skirt up to show me her panties. I pinched myself in case I was dreaming.

She rubbed at her pussy through the soft grey fabric and I instantly felt myself get rock hard in my underwear. I thought she would just laugh at me and then disappear inside, but to my amazement she smiled at me again, then turned her back and slid her skirt off her hips, her flimsy panties barely covering her hot ass. 

You can be sure I was utterly transfixed when she suddenly pulled her panties down, kicked them off her feet, and sat down on the bench with her legs open. There she was, right opposite me, thighs apart so I could look directly at her pussy. It was shaved so I could see everything, her dark lips opening just enough to show me a glimpse of pink. 

She looked right at me and smiled, white teeth so bright, then pulled down her top. Her nipples were dark too, and rock hard – just like my dick. I wanted to pull it out and start stroking it but I was afraid to break the spell, so I just sat there watching as she looked at me with those big brown eyes and started rubbing her clit. She was grinding her hand around and around in a circular motion, never once looking away from me, with a sexy expression on her face that I will never forget.

I started to squeeze my dick through my pants as I saw how wet she was. Her pussy was shining with moisture. She pushed two fingers right inside her hole, closing her eyes for the first time as the sensations overwhelmed her. 

Now I couldn’t hold back any longer. I stood up, yanked my pants down and began to jerk off watching her. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me. It was like I’d given her a reason to let go of what little inhibition she had left.  She turned over on the bench, kneeling with her ass facing me, her face resting on the bench and both her hands at her pussy – one over her ass with a finger in her pussy, the other between her thighs rubbing her clit harder and faster. 

I took it slow, not wanting to cum before she did, wanting to savor every second of her sex show; but she didn’t want to wait for me at all. She was biting her lip, closing her eyes, really grinding her clit, sliding her finger in and out of her hole rapidly. I watched as she began to jerk and jolt, her body shaking as she came. 

Then she opened her eyes and sighed, stood up, grabbed all her clothes in a bundle and looked over at me. She nodded and gave me a look of pure sexual heat and that was all I needed. I came for her, shooting wads of cum over the edge of my balcony. She waited for me to finish, looked over the balcony to see where I’d shot my load, blew me a kiss and disappeared inside. 

She’ll be back again in two days’ time. I don’t know whether I should go over there while she’s working, wait for her to finish or just be on my balcony ready and willing…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


Craving Kery’s curves

July 23, 2018 - by: Naomi

I usually go for slender, athletic girls who look like they could outpace me at the gym, but there’s something deliciously decadent about Kery’s lush curves. Just imagine fondling those beautiful big breasts, licking her puffy pink nipples, squashing your face against that pillowy flesh… it must feel heavenly.

It’s Kery’s superb bubble butt that first grabs the attention though, in her debut movie for MetArt X, Alex Lynn’s “Kitchen Plates 2.” Bending over in skintight shorts, her bootylicious rear is so tempting, it really whets the appetite to see it bared. Her flirty eye contact suggests she knows exactly what effect it’s having, too.

Her ass doesn’t disappoint when she tugs down her shorts, but then she unbuttons her shirt and those magnificent breasts sway into view. As she bends over and thrusts her fingers deep inside her shaved pussy, I’m torn between admiring the view of her fine ass spreading apart, and wishing the camera would move around to show her soft titties squishing against the kitchen counter. She turns, legs spread for a full frontal view, and now we get to see those perfect breasts jiggling and bouncing as she finger-fucks herself to a climax.

Much as I love sporty hardbodies, Kery’s curves have me craving something soft and sweet!



Sweet and sticky temptation

July 16, 2018 - by: Marie

Erotic Fiction inspired by Cristin in “Sweet Candy 2

I have a sweet tooth and a dirty mind, and when I’m in the mood, I just love to combine the two. Take the lollipop, an innocent candy, sweet and sticky. In my hands, it becomes a devilish temptation, impossible to resist.

I’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends that I have teased with my candy loving. They all think I only do it for them, that I use it as a way to turn them on. It’s true that I have used lollipops to drive my lovers wild with desire, but really I do it because it satisfies my deepest urge for pleasure.

I mean, have you ever sucked on a lollipop? Really sucked on one? Pushed it between your lips, let it get nice and wet on your tongue, then twirled it around in your mouth? Feels good, right? Tastes good, too.

It’s sweet and sticky, and it slips past your lips so well, always leaving you wanting more. Even the shape gets me hot. I love them in company or alone…

I always have a bowl of candy beside my bed to suck on when I’m feeling horny. I’ll take a lollipop out of the bowl, get naked, unwrap the candy and start to suck on it. I’ll lick it until my mouth’s watering, then rub the sticky candy over my lips.

I love feeling my pussy moisten as my lips get sticky – the taste of cherry candy on my tongue, the feel of pussy juice seeping between my lips, it’s so intoxicating. And when my candy is slick and my pussy is wet, that’s when the real fun begins.

I sit up on my bed, resting on my pillows, and spread my legs apart. With one hand, I hold my lollipop, twirling it between my lips, while the other is sliding between my pussy lips, dipping into my juice, smearing it up and over my clit, painting my labia.

I slide two fingers around my tight, wet hole, get them all slippery, then reach up and rub them over my lips around my lollipop. The taste of my pussy mingles with the taste of my candy.

I take out my lollipop, rub my fingers over it until they’re sticky, then I bring them down to my clit, one on either side. The feeling of sticky sweetness on my fingers coming up against my oiled clit turns me on even more and I rub my fingers down each side of my clit until they’re so wet with my juices that all that sticky candy goo has gone.

The lollipop makes its way down to my clit, all sticky and sucked down to just the right size. Now I use it to pat my clit, tapping my button, one finger easing inside me. Every tap makes my legs twitch, a spasm of excitement running from my clit down each thigh.

I roll my lollipop over my clit and it spreads its stickiness around, juices mingling with the sweet taste. It slides between my lips with ease, my pussy juice lubing its path. Then I twirl it at the entrance to my pussy, knowing that I can push it inside at any time.

As I twirl it over my hole, I relax so much that it just slips right in there, and I am suddenly spinning it around and around just inside, half in, half out, its widest point fitting snugly in my entrance.

This is when I am so horny for it that my candy is no longer enough for me.

I take it from my pussy and put it in my mouth; the flavor of my slick goo and the hard candy mingles in my mouth and I turn over onto my hands and knees, eager to fuck my pussy hard and fast.

The lollipop sits inside my mouth and I suck hard on it, bite down on the stick as I push two fingers inside my pussy and fuck myself. They enter easily, my palm cupping my clit, and I drive them in and out, moaning around my candy, lips sealed to keep the sweet treat inside my mouth.

I am so turned on that I buck and thrust harder and harder against my hands, using my whole body to fuck myself, cumming with such intensity, teeth biting down on my candy so hard that it shatters between them and I cry out loud.

When I’m done, I like to lie back on the bed, sucking on the broken candy in my mouth, slipping my pussy-wet fingers between my lips to add to the taste. I lie there until all of the sweet treat has gone and I am left with nothing but a memory of its flavor and the sensation of it sliding around my clit and pressing inside my pussy.


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An erotic impulse

July 09, 2018 - by: Jilian

Erotic fiction inspired by Sofi Shane in “Dairy Passion

When an erotic impulse strikes me, I don’t fight it. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I obey my body’s urge to seek sensual pleasure.

Sometimes, all it takes is a fleeting idea. For example, I was enjoying a snack of milk and cookies when suddenly a strange thought occurred to me – I wonder what this milk would feel like if I rubbed it on my nipples?

I can tell you how it felt: absolutely fantastic. When the idea struck, I sat down on my bed and swirled my fingers in my drink, letting the impulse take hold. Then I played the cool milk over my lips and ran my wet fingers down my cleavage, slipping my dress off my shoulders.

My fingers went back to the cold milk for another dip, and then to my nipple. The cool liquid made my nipple stiffen instantly, my body tingling with anticipation. I put my cup down and eased my dress off, peeling my panties down and tossing them on the floor. Then I got comfortable.

Reaching for the milk, I dipped my fingers back in and painted more of the cold, creamy liquid on both my nipples, feeling them getting hard. I watched as the droplets of milk trickled slowly down my breasts.

I wet my fingers in the milk again and traced a line down my belly and into my pubic hair. Most girls my age shave their pussies, but I like the way my dark bush frames my pussy, making it look so pink and shiny when I spread it open. It turns me on to masturbate in front of a mirror so I can see that sexy contrast. I dabbled my fingers in my bush, admiring the way the hair caught it so I could see it glistening, like dew on a spider’s web.

I spread my legs wider and trailed my wet fingers over my pussy lips, the cold milk sending shivers of excitement through me as I painted it over each plump lip, getting them wet and slippery. When I was struggling to keep from squirming with arousal, I delved my chilled fingertips into the groove between them, sliding up and down and then seeking out my clit.

The surge of sensation was immediate and powerful. I gasped and my hips rocked up involuntarily, seeking more contact, my clit pulsing and my thighs trembling. I pushed one finger right inside my pussy, the coldness catching me by surprise as the chill spread inside me and I hit my G-spot. My legs twitched and I felt a little gush of wetness come out as the thrill spread through my body like lightning.

I didn’t hold back at all now, plunging my fingers into the cup and slapping my clit with my wet hand, milk splashing all over my crotch, my bush getting soaked. My clit was throbbing and pulsing, and my pussy cream had mingled with the milk to make my slit so slippery and juicy. I pressed two fingers around my clit, squeezing them together as I used my other hand to finger my hole, hard and fast.

I fantasized about being in a hayloft with a farmer, his cock slick with fresh milk as he pushed it inside me, parting me around his shaft. I got so wild I tipped the milk over when I reached to dip my finger in, spilling it onto the floor. Grabbing the cup, I poured the last drops onto my pussy, slapping my clit with wet fingers. I splashed the last of the milk onto my thighs, three fingers deep inside my pussy, fucking myself hard, bucking up and down. I had milk all over my crotch and thighs, matted in my pubes, running down my slit.

I pushed against my G-spot again, urging my body to cum, my thumb hammering against my clit while my fingers twisted around inside my hole. When I came, it was intense, my body thrashing on the bed as the spasms rocked me.

I lay there for a while, knowing I needed to clean up the spilt milk and then go take a shower. That image of the farmer fucking me with his big, slick cock had taken hold though, and in the end I had to grab my biggest dildo and ride it to another orgasm before I was ready to come down from my sexual high. Like I said, when an erotic impulse strikes me, I don’t fight it.


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to fanfiction@metart.com. We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share! To see more stories and true confessions, check out our free fiction site, MyErotica.com


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