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When I get home from work

Erotic fiction inspired by Misty Lovelace in “Kitchen Fun

When I came home from work, I found Misty in the kitchen of our tiny apartment. She said hi over her shoulder; she was at the sink washing dishes. We’re too broke to buy a dishwasher.

She’s got these sexy, shapely legs that first attracted me to her, curvy hips, and a tiny waist. She was wearing a lacy slip, and swinging her hips and humming to herself with her hands in the water.

I dropped my bag and stepped out of my heels, my eyes on that sexy little backside. Misty is fun to be with but she’s completely unaware of just how hot she is. We could be walking down the street together and I know everyone’s eyes are on her because mine are too, but she’s totally oblivious to it.

I was tired from another day waiting tables, feet sore, legs aching, but none of that seemed to matter anymore. The sight of my girl Misty whipping her butt left and right, humming along to the radio, sucked all the tension from my shoulders and lit a spark between my legs.

I had one of those choice moments. Should I go collapse on the couch, or go put my hands on that sensational body? If you knew Misty, you’d know there was no choice at all. I went up behind her and put my hands on her hips, pressing my breasts into her back, grinding my crotch up against her gorgeous ass.

She giggled and bounced against me, pushing me back slightly with her ass, playfully. Squatting down behind her, I slid my hands up her skirt and pulled her panties down.

“Hey!” she laughed. “What are you doing?”

I stood back up and kissed her on the back of the neck, my hands again sliding up her thighs, lifting her slip.

“Don’t you worry about what’s going on back here,” I said into her ear, nibbling her lobe. Misty carried on with the dishes, trying to pretend nothing was happening, even though her panties were halfway down her thighs and my hands were working their way around her hips to her pussy.

When my finger reached her clit, Misty froze. Her hands just stopped moving and she moaned softly. I stroked her, easing a finger over her clit, teasing it, knowing she was getting off. I dipped my finger further down, stroking her lips, searching for her hole. She was leaking juices, getting aroused by my touch. As my fingers parted her pussy lips and slipped inside her hole, she lifted her hands out of the sink and grabbed hold of the edge, pushing her ass out towards me.

I squatted down behind her again, pulling her panties right down to her ankles so she could step out of them. I kissed her ass cheeks and licked my way up her thighs, bending her over. She was still grabbing hold of the edge of the sink, hands wet and soapy. Her dark bush was glistening with her wetness, such a tempting, succulent sight. I got my tongue in deep, licking at her clit, dipping in and out of her hole, teasing her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum just yet, I just wanted her to feel good.

When my thighs started to burn, I stood up and turned Misty around. She kissed me, pressing her body against mine, wet, soapy hands all over me.

I had her sit up on the countertop, pulling a chair over so I could sit in front of her. She spread her thighs and I started eating her again, turning up the intensity, ready to blow her mind. I sucked on her pussy lips, pushing my tongue inside her hole and wrapping my lips around her entire labia, my top lip rubbing hard on her clit. I dragged my tongue back out and lifted it to her button, using my top lip and tongue to sandwich her clit, rubbing it between them. She moaned and wound her fingers in my hair, really getting off. Her hands always tell me how close she is to orgasm; when she tightens her grip I know she’s feeling it, but it’s when she suddenly freezes that I know she’s on the verge. I felt her freeze, and slipped a couple of fingers inside her, thrusting deep. That made her cry out and then she was cumming on my face, shuddering and bucking wildly.

Sitting back and letting her catch her breath, I saw a cucumber on the counter. My turn.

Misty tugged my jeans and panties down to my knees, her fingers tracing the lips of my pussy, spreading my wetness around. She bent me over the counter as she spread my pussy open and eased the big cucumber inside me, thrusting it harder as I urged her on.

Giggling, she started to spank my ass, and when I was slamming back to meet her thrusts, moaning and gasping, she reached around and rubbed my clit. I came so hard, rocking back onto the thick cucumber, taking it deep.

It felt incredible, and now I feel myself getting wet every time I think about it…


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    James G 36 minutes ago

    Great movie. I wish she had removed her shoes earlier. Love her toes.

    on Above

    James G 38 minutes ago

    Great movie. But I wish she had removed her shoes earlier. Love to see her lovely toes.

    on Above

    Melbourne19 2 hours ago

    Beautiful young lady who just oooooozzzessss sex! Her deep glances and facial expressions are intoxicating. Thanks for giving that magical tongue some film time too. WOW. Another masterpiece by model and director.

    on Innuendo

    Melbourne19 2 hours ago

    Amazing sensual performance by this erotic love muscle Ivy! She is one toned gal, that seems to stimulate every inch of her body. Those vaginal flexes were so hot. Love how she works her clit. Those nipples are longer than any pencil eraser tip I have ever seen! Loved the outfit and the strip tease getting out of that thong while she showed off her ass was so erotic. Great performance with some wild facial expressions well captured by the talented Mr. Lightfoot.

    on Feel Me Moving

    beetle 4 hours ago

    Tiffany Tatum, you're just wonderful. When I see you, your face and your naked body, my mouth becomes watery. So lovely, so tender and so seductive. Once from the soles of the feet to the mouth and back again kiss, sniff out and lick. Heaven on earth can not be more beautiful!

    on Fun In The Sun

    Mercurious 5 hours ago

    Wonderful orgasm. I like the afterglow!

    on Boujee

    Mercurious 5 hours ago

    Wonderful girl, good set. The play with the banana, often see, is not very original.
    Better without it.

    on Fruit Temptation 2

    liza 5 hours ago

    Amazing Beauty !!!

    on The Luxurious Mask

    Starfire 20 hours ago

    Beautiful Film Nedda.
    Please keep your photo sets & films coming.
    Love seeing you here. Fabulous talent.

    on Fruit Temptation 2

    Shakau 22 hours ago

    A beautiful opus to female eroticism from start to finish. Nedda is stunning and her communication of intimate sensuality is so raw and tangible. Her smile and laughter at the end made me giddy with delight. More of Nedda please.

    on Fruit Temptation 2